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Crowdfunder and East Sussex County Council have teamed up to award £25,000 to communities going green

Once again Crowdfunder and East Sussex County Council have joined forces to launch Projects that matter: East Sussex

This year we’re on the lookout for community projects committed to being environmentally conscious. 

Your project may be preventing unnecessary food waste or increasing access to sustainable, affordable and healthy food. You may be part of a local charity which promotes sustainable travel or one that is improving green spaces. Perhaps, you are part of a social enterprise that is promoting skills about climate change mitigation. Or maybe your group is looking to reduce energy consumption of a community building. 

Up to 6 projects will be chosen to receive a share of £25,000 match funding (Up to £5,000 per project) to go towards a crowdfunding campaign, one-to-one coaching support from our experts as well as zero platform fees.

To enter tell us about your project to tackle the climate emergency in 100 words below. Entries close on Monday 11 October at midday. See the eligibility criteria for more info.

Key dates

Call for entry

20 Sept - 11 Oct

Call for entry

Successful entrants notified

15 Oct

Successful entrants notified

Coaching begins

18 Oct

Coaching begins

Projects live

15 Nov

Projects live!

How the funding works

The £25,000 funding will be dependant on the shortlisted projects hitting a number of milestones in their crowdfunding journey. £15,000 will be ring-fenced to ensure all six shortlisted projects receive at least £2,500 match funding by hitting milestones one and two. The remaining £10,000 will be available on a first come first serve basis, with a maximum of four projects receiving a further £2,500 once they hit the third milestone.

See terms and conditions for more information.

Start crowdfunding

Milestone one

Raise £1,000, receive a £1,000 match funding pledge from East Sussex County Council

Start crowdfunding

Milestone two

Raise a further £1,500, receive a £1,500 match funding pledge East Sussex County Council

Start crowdfunding

Milestone three

Raise a further £2,500, receive the final £2,500 match funding pledge from East Sussex County Council

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