to buy a vehicle with wheelchair access and equipment, gloves, aprons, waterproof bedsheets, sliding sheets and shipping costs

We did it!

On 22nd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £45 with 3 supporters in 56 days

In Cabo Verde social care does not exist. We want to bring this aspect of western life to the forgotten people of Cabo Verde. We want to be able to recruit and train volunteers and offer a home care service for those who are disabled, elderly, infirm, housebound. We want to be able to offer respite for those who care for their relatives friends and neighbours with no help from the government. They never get a day off, we want to be able to offer them that, we want to be able to help with shopping, day trips out, hospital appointments and generally just supporting everybody involved. We have had some wheelchairs donated but we want to buy a vehicle with wheelchair access and other basic eqiopment like waterproof bedsheets, sliding sheets which are special sheets designed to help carers move bed bound people safely to help reduce the risk of bed sores. We aim to recruit and train volunteers and in the future enlist the support of a local school or college so we can get our volunteers a certificate in health and social care.  We cannot do any of this without funds.  Our aim is to raise the funds get the vehicle and equipment shipped out there and make a difference to the lives of those we hope to help. Filomina pictured in our project video has the mental age of a 12 year old. She is a beautiful woman but her life is spent inside the four walls of her home and the doorstep. The only day she ever went passed their was when my mother and brothers and I took her to the beach for the day. Keven the young blind boy in our video is a beautiful young man he is extremely clever but the school do not have the facilities to support him, he hasnt been taught braille he cannot access talking books and his dream......"is to go to America or England so he can have a guide dog" Firmino in our video lives near my mothers house as a boy I used to help shower him everyday now he relies totally on the only brother I have left living at home and due to working restrictions he can only help out once or twice a week. Firmino cannot even cook for himself so he can go days without eating if no body goes to help. People this is the 21st century how can we leave people to go hungry go without washing bathing toileting..IT IS WRONG and we need to DO SOMETHING NOW

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