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Our aim is to translate, print and distribute bilingual (English and Fante) editions of Handa's Surprise (Walker Books) to schools in Ghana

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On 3rd Dec 2015 we successfully raised £2,855 with 44 supporters in 28 days

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Help us to publish 3,000 copies of Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne (Walker Books) as a bilingual edition in Fante and English for distribution throughout the Elmina District of Ghana. This innovative and exciting project will provide children with books in their local languages, something they currently have little access to. 

The money raised will fund the translation into Fante, the design of a bilingual edition (Fante and English), printing and shipping costs, and finally distribution into schools. Thanks to our fabulous friends at Walker Books, we are able to offer all sorts of appealing rewards if you are able to contribute to our cause.

Alexander McCall Smith talks #ProjectKALA

Watch him here: Alexander McCall Smith on #ProjectKALA

"I think this scheme is wonderful and I am very keen to support this. What is also very appealing about the Pelican Post is that I think it is rather nice for children to be able to read stories that they can identify with."  Alexander McCall Smith, Author 

Why are we Crowdfunding?

The Pelican Post has always believed in personalising donations which is how we started with our Pelican Postbox. It allows the donor to know exactly where their book is going and allows the receiver to know who sent it. As is all about bringing people together to make a big difference, this is the perfect platform to extend our concept even further.

To continue with the Pelican Postbox theme, we will be incorporating the names of many donors on the inside of the books to serve as both a reminder of how we are all connected and can make a difference and to further illustrate to those children reading the books how important reading is to so many people.


 The Pelican Post

The Pelican Post is a UK-based charity run by a group of part-time volunteers and book lovers. Working with numerous charity and publishing partners, we are dedicated to delivering brand new class sets of appropriate fiction to schools throughout Africa so that teachers can practise shared classroom reading and children can discover the joy of books. We believe storytelling in classrooms is not only key to improving literacy uptake rates and driving down poverty, but is also essential in developing a child's imagination, aspirations and sense of self-worth.








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