ProjectFEM uses fashion as a platform for combatting feminist and social issues such as discrimination, marginalisation and oppression.

We did it!

On 17th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £35 with 3 supporters in 28 days
 A social enterprise founded in 2016, ProjectFEM is based on the fundamental principle that feminism can co-opt fashion to create an inclusive, creative space that empowers women and lovers of fashion.

The current fashion system is largely dominated by patriarchal and capitalist value systems which contribute to detrimental ideals often imposed on women. This is not only detrimental to women in terms of self-esteem and body image, but marginalises unrepresented groups. The reinforced message projected on the catwalks is that if you are not young, thin, tall, able-bodied and white then you are not beautiful. This is wrong. Only a tiny minority of women actually come close to this unattainable ideal, meaning the unrepresented majority are marginalised, often feeling inadequate or in some way deficient.

We  practice a fashion culture grounded on our feminist principles and ethics, whereby the detrimental aspects of the current fashion system are removed and the positive, empowering features that genuinely champion women and allow for true autonomy and creativity are capitalised. Therefore, inclusivity, acceptance, and intersectionality are integral to our mission.

Our aim will be reinforced through featuring only fashion designers and brands that champion these principles. Therefore we will promote brands that; are ethical and sustainable, that benefit women or marginalised groups, that combat social issues, promote social justice, or challenge current fashion or gender conventions. Further, this will open conversations of social and feminist issues within popular culture.

ProjectFEM manifests as;

The Blog

We publish articles commentating on detrimental issues within the current fashion system as well as highlight figures who are making positive change. We want to open discussusions of social injustice within the popula culture.

The Event

We will be hosting a fashion show in London in September 2016. We are showcasing designers who align with our values of social justice and sustainability. Students and recent graduates will also have a platform for their designs and volunteers will have the opportunity to network and gain experience within creative industry. We will also be hosting a raffle with exclusive placements, experiences and opportunities to be won. 

Our aim is to create longlasting positive social change. We want to create enriching and valuable experiences for the people we engage with and ultimately eradicate the detrimental factors within the fashion system to contribute to an empowering and creative space. 

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