Project 296 二九六計劃

by London 十年 Ten Years Film Interest Group in London

Project 296 二九六計劃
We did it
On 17th April 2016 we successfully raised £1,808 with 158 supporters in 8 days

Project 296 is one person's quest to do a little something for the Cantonese community.

by London 十年 Ten Years Film Interest Group in London

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296 x £6 = £1776





可以。請用 "Message Project" 聯絡主辦人。


Crowfunder 會退款俾捐助人。


Why 296? 

296 is the number of pledges needed to make this project possible.

£1776 is a rather odd number.  What's it for?

296 x £6 = £1776 

Your £6 donation will cover the cost of the screening licence, the screening file delivery, venue hire, and a donation to the a registered charity that serves the Chinese community or a Cantonese language programme.  The plan is in its development stage.   Backers' nominations are welcome.  Do you know a worth charity or school in London?  Get in touch!  

What will I get?

A heartfelt thanks and a free ticket to the screening of Ten Years (2015 film), winner of the Best Film category at the Hong Kong Film Awards 2016, on Sunday 15th May 2016 at 10am.

Can I choose my seats in advance? 

Yes.  Click on 'Message Project' at the top of the page and get in touch.

What happens if there are not enough attendees.

Crowdfunder will return your donations to you.  It's "all or nothing".



About your reward

Cantonese with English Subtitles 103mins

"Five thought-provoking shorts imagine what Hong Kong will be like ten years from now."

"Ten Years is a 2015 Hong Kong speculative fiction film. It offers a vision of the semi-autonomous territory in the year 2025, with human rights and freedoms gradually diminishing as the mainland Chinese government exerts increasing influence there. Produced on a shoestring budget, the film was a surprise hit, beating out Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the Yau Ma Tei cinema where it was first released. It won the Best Film Award at the 35th Hong Kong Film Awards."

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