Project Winter Rose

Project Winter Rose

I'm determined to make my dreams come true! I'm working on releasing a body of work by myself, please help me make this happen!

We did it!

On 23rd Jan 2017 we successfully raised £340 with 12 supporters in 42 days

Hi everyone,

My name is Troy Hudson and I really would love your help with putting an EP together since changing my artist name to Winter Rose.

I've been making music since forever! I've had the pleasure of writing with and for emerging artists, I've worked with well established writers and producers, I was one third of a girl band signed to a major label, I've travelled to work internationally with producers, writers and musicians and I've toured up an down the UK.

With that being said, I can honestly say my experience in music has been an ambivalent journey; exciting, inspiring, scary, draining, mind-blowing and exhausting to name a few emotions.

Over the past few years I've battle with my confidence after a few failed attemps with trying to put music and projects out. Mostly because of trying to finance everything by myself and keeping those helping me out motivated with lack of funds to pay these amazing people for their time and efforts. This made the process slow and as a result it became disheartening.

Today I am in a completely new space, and I feel that now is definitely the time to give myself that well deserved opportunity to show people I am made for this! This is where I need your help in doing so.

My plans:

As I mentioned earlier, I recently changed my artist name to Winter Rose. I felt I needed a fresh  start and a name that suited the style and mood of music that I truly want to create and have the world know me for. Since doing so, I have been working on music that I believe defines this new me and I'm ready to start developing this new body of work into an EP to introduce myself as Winter Rose.  I have some amazing people on board with me, but yet again it's become very difficult money wise and I really want to make this EP spectacular, therefore these amazing people need to be paid.

What you are funding:

You my dear friends, family and supporters will be contributing to studio time, mixing and mastering, distribution, music video budgeting, campaigning (including branding, PR and marketing) and also prepping for performances and the vital equipment needed to do so.

This has been my dream to produce a body of work that I am extremely passionate about and would love to share with the world. It would mean the absolute world to me for any help you can give, I appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to read this also. In return for your generosity, I would love to offer all pledgers a hard copy of the final EP product complete with  official merchandise created especially for all contributers.

It's time to really make this happen for real! I'm so excited!

Peace, love and blessings to you all!

Troy aka Winter Rose 


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