Project Trauma Feel Good

Project Trauma Feel Good

I was a parent waiting at the Manchester Arena 22:5:17. I want a hub to help those who escape trauma physically but not mentally.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I let my daughter aged 14 go and see Ariana Grande. She was excited. She never looked back when I dropped her outside. She messaged me to say it was AMAZING! The next message I got was one I do not want to describe...,

We found her - she's physically safe but emotionally damaged as we are. We are not coping easily but are lucky.

I have spent my week looking at support but it's not perfect. We drove away so are untraceable. But we need help.

As a teacher I've been supporting ex-students through and see this as beneficial to a wider audience. I want to help. For me it is important to speak to people who truly do understand as they were there. Finding others isn't easy so I want a website that links people. It's there if you need it and when you need it.

Our feelings do not compare but are real but thoughts and prayers to those who were less fortunate xxx