Project tractor and ground reinstatement.

by Little Angley Free Range Eggs in Cranbrook, England, United Kingdom

Project tractor and ground reinstatement.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To purchase new machinery and equipment to aid our project of reclaiming over grown ground we have now taken on allowing more grass fo hens.

by Little Angley Free Range Eggs in Cranbrook, England, United Kingdom

Hi all,

I’m Ben and I’m the founder of the Little Angley Free Range Egg Company.

We are a small local business based in Cranbrook Kent in the stunning garden of England.

You might ask what makes us different from other free range producers? Well I will tell you.

We believe in giving people the option of buying eggs from hens that are not living in over crowded sheds and enclosures.

Our hens have no restrictions to our grassland and are free roaming from dawn till dusk.

We don’t have sectioned areas like many farms where they will have up to 16,000 hens on just few acres per section that only results in any grass areas soon becoming bare of any natural feed source. 

Birds that have a mainly natural diet produce amazing eggs packed with natural flavour and health benefits.

Our birds live long happy life’s not 17 to 20 months like most free range birds that then go to slaughter due to egg numbers dropping off.

If given a chance and let to live a stress less as possible life they will lay for 3 years just not as intense as a young bird does.

We are a local supplier who operates an honesty box system on our farm gate allowing people to pull up pay and go with our amazing fresh eggs.

We keep prices fair and never put greed first over our hens.

We love our hens, ducks, horses, pigs, dogs, sheep and many more critters with a passion and not pound signs!

Why do we need your help in purchasing this machinery and equipment?

Well we have just taken more ground from the next farm. This ground joins our existing ground and this means we can now increase our grass and hen numbers with out affecting how we do things.

The problem we have is the state of the new ground and the work that is needed to get it back to a suitable state that we can then use it for hens.

This involves removal of all unstable vegetation that’s over run the ground.

Cleaning up of rubbish from fruit production.

Removing old and dangerous buildings that’s are falling down so we can install new housing.

Totally re fencing the entire boundary of the ground to protect stock and keep them on our ground.

Reseeding with suitable meadow seed that’s a benefit to our hens.

The new tractor is a must for us as this a very versatile peace of equipment that has multiple functions for us with multiple attachments that can be placed on it.

It allows us to work ground so we can reinstate natural grass flower meadow and this is what our hens just love!

It allows us to improve shed cleaning and manage build up of you know what!

It allows us to maintain hedgerows and ensure that we can provide habitat for all birds and the creepy crawly types that our hens love to snack on.

It means we can move our sheds with ease.

Shift feed to where we need it.

Laying new water feeds for all our hens.

To install fencing for stock protection.

It’s something we would use every day.

You might be asking why don’t we borrow from the bank or a loan?

We we have tried this already with a big fat NO! as the answer.

We are just not commercial enough according to them so are not something they want to fund.

We don’t turn over enough to make us viable plus we are tenant Farmers/small holders so no building assets to secure funds.

If you feel you can help in any way we would be forever grateful and thank you for just reading.

Ben and all the hens????????????????????.

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