Project to Support Radiology Department in Zambia

Project to Support Radiology Department in Zambia

To help support the radiology departments accross Zambia through the donation of textbooks and resources.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In February 2017 we visited Livingstone Hospital in Zambia to teach CPR to locals and healthcare professionals. As Radiographers  we were interested in speaking with fellow Radiographers at Livingstone Hospital and the surrounding hospitals.  

The department has no radiologists (Medical staff/Doctor) who report images and the images are reported Ad Hoc by the team of radiographers. Frequently this is done by googling diseases and their radiological appearances. They have no access to text books.

The department in Livingstone consists of 19 Radiographers who operate a single plain film room, fluoroscopy room and a CT scanner.

Our project will include multiple trips to Zambia in order to provide further training sessions on First Aid, CPR and further training in X-ray and CT.

The first stage of our project will be to donate text books to the hospital. We have had over 120 text books donated to our cause, however the cost of exporting them to the country is very high. We will need £300 towards to costs of shipping the books.

In the future we hope to buy CPR training equipment and send it across to the hospitals in order to further improve the quality of CPR training and thus the delivery of CPR in the region. This will be the second stage to our project.

We thank you for your donations and will keep you updated with developments and our plans moving forward.