Project Take Us Out!

by Rakeem Jackson in London, England, United Kingdom

Project Take Us Out!
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Get the family out for a day out in London and watch our beloved Arsenal play a game at The Emirates Stadium and dine out somewhere fancy!

by Rakeem Jackson in London, England, United Kingdom

First of all, I’m going to start off why I have decided to crowdfund for this particular event. 

I feel as though my oldest is losing the interest in football and it kind of saddens me at the fact that he won’t sit down and watch the games with me. He has the arsenal kits, knows the players and gives me great satisfaction when he shouts ‘aubamayannngggg’ or more likely ‘Bamayang’ when he’s just heard me lose my head after going 1-0 up!

I don’t want him going in the other direction. You see, his aunties are trying to get him to follow their footsteps and get him to take up dancing however that ain’t my cup of tea. Now I’m not saying their Is anything wrong with it, it’s just that dance practice takes place on a Saturday evening, bang on middle of the football action!!!! 

All jokes aside, I really want to take the family for a day or two out in London. I personally have never been abroad however been to London once and was lucky enough to go for a tour around the emirates stadium through a youth programme I was part of in 2008. Even though the tour was breath taking with the modern but classy feeling of the stadium, I have yet to watch the beloved Arsenal at a home game and would be thrilled if I could take the whole family to feel the great atmosphere at a live event, let alone our beloved football team surrounded by fellow passionate gooners. 

Another reason for the funding is a very close one to me.. my partner. Day in day out she is looking after all three of them and is up at the crack of dawn to late night supporting the family. The past 6 months have been a mix of feelings, From hard done by to the odd joyous moment. 

In July, I had unfortunately lost my position as a receptionist due to ‘gross misconduct’ however without a meeting or written warning. This is the SECOND time I had been let go from the SAME company for ridiculous reasoning and the second time they have done it when my partner had been on latter stages of pregnancy. 

It’s either misfortune or a coincidence that both times of dismissal came after Clients went into administration and were no longer able to pay the company invoices totalling up to £45,000. 

I don’t want to make excuses up, however to let me go when we are a young family with three children struggling to pay day to day bills and outgoings is totally heartless. Luckily my partner has been amazing and has supported me through it all and stuck by my side where others would’ve cracked and chucked me out. 

I have been actively seeking work however  23rd September my partner gave birth to our Youngest and my first daughter; Bella Faith Jackson. Albeit a confusing and hard pregnancy with potential health hazards all throughout. Since then, my partner has spent a total of 22 days in hospital with Bella being treated for Bronchilitis and potential Strep B whilst I looked after the boys at home. Even that wasn’t straight forward as Primary Care and the doctors surgery neglected seeing to Bella ‘as the doctors was ‘chocker’’ (meaning busy and no space for extra appointments) which delayed the processing of taking her hospital as they both thought it wasn’t serious enough. She was 12 days old! 

Our relationship has been strained for a while and I feel we all need a break away from the usual rural and dull scenery and engage into social activity as well as spoiling her with attention and gifts and just to let her know that yes, we are young and extremely busy with the children but NEVER forget I will always love you and you and your support is greatly appreciated.

What I would do with the money is subscribe to a years Arsenal Membership so we can obtain tickets for the game as I am aware tickets are sold out rather quickly and members get priority.

I would also need money to travel from Preston to London which Is approx 4 hours away so I would either drive up myself or get the train.

Depending on the time of the game, I would love to visit a fancy restaurant. I really enjoy hot food and Mexican food is my favourite especially a good taco. My partner on the other hand is very fussy. Won’t eat pasta or anything ‘wet’ and addresses salad as ‘rabbit food’ so 9/10 she will just get chicken answer chips. PLEASE tell me somewhere in London does a good chicken and chips!!!

The rest of the money would be spent on new clothes and accessories and anything that will bring a smile to each member of my young fledgling family. 

Please make a donation and give us a day we will cherish for the rest of our lifetime. To some, that day out is everyday living. To us, it’s a dream. 

Thank you for your time in reading,

Rakeem & Family

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