Project Stroke of Genius

Project Stroke of Genius

To help a mother returning to work to get her fledgling decorating and detailing business off the ground by providing the tools necessary to

We did it!

On 5th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £60 with 4 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

To help a mother returning to work to get her fledgling decorating and detailing business off the ground by providing the tools necessary to do a good job.

About the project

     I stopped working 13 years ago when we had our first child, and since then two more have followed and they have always been my priority. But now they are all at school I do not want to spend my time just waiting for them to come home, I want to do something productive and make use of those artistic skills and qualifications I worked so hard on all those years ago. Decorating was not my first thought but after turning to our own home and having the freedom to experiment I discovered my passion for painting on a wall sized canvas and trying unusual things that no other decorating company around here would have been willing to do. Things have progressed upward from there. (Check out my latest project, my sons awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles room!)

     With a little support and some tools borrowed from my husband I have been wallpapering feature walls, designing hand-cut stencils for borders, creating vertical and horizontal striping in a selection of colours and widths, searching out decals to personalise rooms to a theme, glossing and varnishing in bold and unusual colours, plastering and filling... the list goes on. Whenever I find a new technique that I think will add something to a room I learn more about it and add it to my growing list of skills. For some people they are unsure what they want and I am having to tease their needs out of them or explore with a few suggestions what the limits of their adventurousness are. The interior design skills that i have used in our own house to select themes have become some of my most important skills in helping clients find a soloution that works for them.

     I didnt realise when I started out just how much passion or enjoyment there would be for me in this career! There is a sense of achievement and satisfaction in having some control over what you do, having the ability to express yourself and use your imagination, and a great reward that whilst doing all of this you get to make someone elses life a little better,and get paid too! 

     I am now at the stage, having done work for several clients and thoroughly enjoying it that I wish to take this on fully and make a real business from it rather than just a bit of work on the side. Unfortunately I have picked a bad time to begin such an endeavour as a lot of the help and funding available to small businesses has been removed or postponed and many small start ups have been left to fend for themselves.  I am further hampered by my current inability to drive, as I live on a large island where the population is spread far and wide and transport is crucial.

My intention is to fund my driving lessons and first car with the profits from my company but before this can happen I need the tools and equipment necessary to become fully functional. One of the biggest down sides in needing so many different skills to create a finished room that meets a clients requirements is that each skill set has a corresponding tool set and to do a job well a workman (or lady) needs good tools.

   My crowd funding request is for the larger tools and equipment that cannot be absorbed into job costs such as ladders, laser spirit level, electric drill, plastering trowels etc... which will allow the company to take off and prevent me from having to overcharge my first customers simply to get on my feet.


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