Project replacement car

Project replacement car

*please note this is not serious* unless I pull it off ???????????? My aim is to get a unique car to carry on working

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hey everybody my name is Joe, over six months ago my ex partner made terrible accusations against me and I was forced to leave my job but have now been dismissed, I then applied for a driving job and I enjoy it so much but my car has proven unsuitable so I am asking for people's help and generosity to keep me working in the job I have.

I know I can get another job but I love the job am in and meeting new people in also feel I make a difference to the people I meet and I love sharing life stories with them.

The car I was looking at is very unusual for the job I do but it stands out and as I do a lot of work with tourists it brings a unique look on the city.

Thank you if you choose to help in advance if you choose not to help but you are feeling generous please have a look into Ronald McDonald house Alder Hey