Project Redsand / Maunsell Army Sea Forts

by Project Redsand in Herne Bay, England, United Kingdom


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To restore these magnificent defensive sea forts to their former glory so they may be enjoyed by generations and used as an educational tool

by Project Redsand in Herne Bay, England, United Kingdom

The Sea Fort Project

The Thames Sea Forts are the last in a long history of British Marine Defences. The Army Anti Aircraft forts have played a significant role in post World War 2 developments. Notably in offshore fuel exploration and drilling platforms. The successful rapid deployment of the Maunsell Forts soon after led to the construction of the first offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico in the late 1940’s.

Up until 2003, no serious consideration had been paid to the preservation of any of these historic structures. 

Project Redsand has been established to secure and renovate the Redsand Towers, coded “Uncle 6” during WW2 and chosen because it is the better of the only two Army forts that remain, Redsands & Shiver Sand. Redsand has a complete set of 7 Towers , it is closest to shore and clear of the main shipping lanes.

Originally there were 6 army forts comprising of seven towers each, three in the Thames estuary and three in the Mersey estuary. The three forts in the Mersey were dismantled shortly after the war. Of the three remaining forts in the Thames, Redsand, Shivering Sand and The Nore, only Redsand remains intact. The Nore was badly damaged by storms in 1953 and then a month after a ship, The Baalbek,  collided with the forts killing 4 people on board at the time, they were dismantled in 1959 as they were considered a danger to shipping. Shiver Sands was struck by a ship in 1963 which sent one of the seven towers crashing into the sea leaving six towers remaining, no one was hurt. 

Redsand is the only complete set of seven forts that remain intact and are in desperate need of repair. Project Redsand was set up in 2003 to restore these wonderful historic structures and we need your help. 


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