Project Property Development

Project Property Development

The end goal to create a business that can consistently not only raise money for charity but help disadvantaged people to get back to work

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My Dream is to buy property to renovate and sell on for profit.

Along the way I'd love to work with local charities helping disabled, homeless and less fortunate people learn new skills in order to assist them in getting back to work or in to a new carear.

I would teach a variety of skills from basic plumbing to plastering and decorating training disadvantages people in learning new skills whilst renovating the properties to eventually sell for profit of which a percentage would be given to charity. This project would hopefully see disadvantaged people be trained to learn new skills with a view to mastering those skills and then possibly be given a job to help renovate properties and  teac skills to new people. This presents a great opportunity to give to a cause with longevity and that would give back to the local community in so many different ways.