Project Mindfull Planet

by Ben Payne in Diss, England, United Kingdom

Project Mindfull Planet


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This project will only be funded if at least £60,000 is pledged by 28th April 2020 at 12:19pm

To rewild parts of Britian create mindfulness places - Give people the chance to Pause in the busy society we live in.

by Ben Payne in Diss, England, United Kingdom

We are a family with a mission. We can't continue in the way we are as a society and see our great grandchildren having a life that we would wish for them. A life with no wildlife, fish and forests is a frightening thought. We aim to get old grazing land and revert the emissions on it by rewilding it, planting CO2 sponges (trees). If we manage to get this working will will branch out and make education centres for schools, families and children to visit to learn about a sustainable future. 

We are a family of teachers and know that education is the key to change. This is how we need to help reverse the climate catastrophe. We just need a boost up to get the project going. 

Step one - Buy ex grazing land (afterall - farmers only produce beef to make money reduce the grazing land and farming becomes 'more' sustainable)

Step two - rewild. Plant trees, wild meadows, dig ponds and steams for nature to trive. 

Step three - education centre. The dream is to have a centre open to visitors to enjoy the re-wilderness, nature and sample plant friendly food and ways of life. Step 3 also comes with a big passion for aiding with the mindfulness of the local area. We want to be a support for mental health of all ages. 

NOTICE - First bit of land has been found. We just need to get a £1 from the £60,000 people to make this dream a reality.

Let's make 'Project Mindfull Planet' happen

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