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Project Mental Health - End the Stigma

by The Mental Health Project in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


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We want to invest in a super-rapid response unit as we take that call which can be the difference between life and death.

by The Mental Health Project in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

We want to invest in a super-rapid response unit as our first responders take that call which can be the difference between life and death. Our goal is to have a councillor in a car to the location with a view to instant emergency care and life-saving. This is a service that currently does not exist and is that missing piece of what is a very traumatic time for so many. Our plan is to invest into communities with follow up Pop up Counselling and therapy hubs where people can come in have a tea or coffee and just open up about what they are feeling. The long waiting times and the costs of these services are currently a major contributing factor in the surge of suicide. 8,000,000 people die from suicide annually and suicide rates have increased by 15% across the UK this year which has been exacerbated by the Covid19 epidemic.

There are costs incurred for running this service obviously and they are not funded by NHS so its with people like you reading this that a small donation can really help make this happen and save lives.We have plans to help as many people as possible. One call to our first responders could be the difference between life and death. 

We will be using the money raised to expand our excellent team provide 24/7 transportation by means of vehicles or our local partner United Taxi's and to develop our pop up pods we have an order for 2 at the cost of just under £2200 each obviously we would love to have 10 but step by step. We have been given permission by the local council to place the booths so now it is just your help we need.

One in four people will experience a mental health problem across the U.K every year. Only 41% of people with mental health disorders receive health care, we want to change that. We are RJVN8 (Rejuvenate Mental Health) a non-profit formed by a team of 12 volunteers and 8 paid counselors and therapists. We offer an end to end program for vulnerable individuals in desperate need of support to cover every aspect of their mental health challenges

Our mission is to tackle the challenge to our national mental health crisis which existed pre Covid19 but has deteriorated rapidly in the communities we serve. The pandemic has added fuel to the fire. We are a volunteer organisation non-profit, and need your support to provide additional counseling hours and mental health support through trained first responders to those most in need.

We stand out from other mental health organisations because each of our staff and volunteers has lived and breathed the challenges we are supporting including depression and anxiety, bipolar to PTSD and eating disorders. Identification and respect from those suffering is absolutely key to recovery and moving to healthier ways of living. The way we see it is that the best advice is given by those who have walked down the same path and have managed to achieve what the individual strives to accomplish.

We are at the end of the line 24 hours a day 365 days a year ready to save lives. Our first responders are trained to handle emergency calls, life or death situations at any time.

Our service users are made up of individuals from all walks of life because mental illness does not discriminate. This could include Technology CEO's or the homeless community. Typically our service users have suffered from intense anxiety, depression, domestic violence, abuse, children or teens who have alcoholic parents and substance dependency.

One key group we support is the homeless community who are in a state of crisis after being offered temporary accommodation due to Covid19 are now being sent back onto the streets without any support or opportunities to find stability and a career. We have access to sheltered housing and accommodation and can step in to make a difference with the funding we need to offer roofs overheads. We are able to support the homeless community with the goal of providing stability through volunteering and full-time employment support and the confidence to overcome barriers and manage a fulfilled life.

We are in this together, we need your help to make sure that no voice goes unheard and that we can continue to save lives as a mental health epidemic has exploded impacting families across the country.

Our main goal is to have our beneficiaries helped into our programmes and give a whole new outlook on life and help the next person with their experience going forward.


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Hair Cut by a professional stylist and colour

As part of our "Clean Cut from Covid19 Innitiative" we clipped our way around the country offering haircuts to those in need. We can offer a top level salon trained professional to cut and or colour your hair with highlights and lowlights available either for gents or ladies.

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A ticket to our Head out of the Sand Active Day Yoga, Meditation and Volleyball on the beach led by a professional instructor

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Two Odeon Cinema Tickets Nationwide

Two Odeon Cinema Tickets Nationwide

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Counselling Session

A counselling session for yourself or a loved one this can be carried out online, over the phone or in person

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