by georgetyldesley in London

We did it
On 17th September 2015 we successfully raised £9,250 with 455 supporters in 28 days

To provide a fresh start in life to an Afghan interpreter I served with who has been hunted by the Taliban and is now destitute in Calais.

by georgetyldesley in London

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www-martialartsmats-co-uk 17th September 2015

Well done George. People like you restore my faith in humanity. I hope Happy has a happy future in the country he has served so well. I hope in the future the law can be changed so that the armed forces can nominate worthy people to become UK citizens. Who else to better recommend someone than the armed forces to confirm their support and loyalty to our country (oh wait a minute, that's common sense, not much of that around politicians, and the law who decide these things). John Meltzer

nickc 10th September 2015

George, hopefully Khushal will get the the UK very soon, and his success and story will help more such heroic interpreters and others who have served Britain so well.

fruitpie 10th September 2015

Thanks for sticking your neck out George. Welcome to England Khushal . Thank you for your help. People here wll try and help you settle and make a new life for yourself.

greg.oleary 10th September 2015

I am very "happy", excuse the pun, to support this project. Loyalty is something that should be reciprocated not ignored. Well done George for being a true friend and comrade. As Martin Luther King once said " In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends". Your lack of silence speaks volumes for what you and we stand for. Welcome to the UK Khushal and thank you for your brave service supporting our fantastic military. The fight is not yet over but you have our support and we will continue to stand with you until justice prevails. 10th September 2015

Welcome to the UK Khushal. My wife and I have been following your story for some time and wrote to our MP last year when I first heard that you were being refused entry to the UK; due to a morally bankrupt policy. We applaud George for everything he has done to help raise awareness and believe our government should be ashamed for the way they have treated the interpreters who served with our military forces. We hope this pledge will help you to start a new life. We will continue to pray for you and for others who are in a similar position to you. I sincerely hope that you are granted asylum and that our government changes its policy to help others like you. God bless.

jhvorlicky 10th September 2015

Brilliant news that Khushal is in the UK, George. Now he has a chance to start a new life - alongside the life he saved. Again - charity with a small c.

gareththetoastmaster 9th September 2015

Well done George. I am really proud of the effort you are putting into this project. God Willing, you will come through it with a positive result. GarethTheToastmaster. By the way, when Khushal finally joins us in UK, if you decide on some sort of Formal Celebration to mark the occasion, please let me know. I would be honoured to assist you by Toastmastering the occasion for you, free of charge so long as it's in the London or Home Counties area. Outside of that I would need to consider my travel costs. Good Luck matey.

zagazoid 2nd September 2015

Get well soon fella - may your bravery be recognised and duly recompensed by our government in very near future. God bless you.

emmajane 1st September 2015

Your initiative is really great. Wishing you the best of luck with getting the government to meet its responsibility for Khushal and others like him.

graham.fayers 1st September 2015

I am ashamed that this country has no respect for people that have put their life on the line to help our brave soldiers he needs all our help to start his life again in the UK. Thank you.

edwilliamson 1st September 2015

Keep up the good work; I am thoroughly ashamed of the way our government treats its courageous 'friends' when it no longer needs their help.

melp 1st September 2015

What does Britain stand for now; loyalty, respect, duty? The Government doesn't seem to think so. I am ashamed of our attitude. An MBE for the PMs barber and no entry for people who risk their lives for our country!

jais123 31st August 2015

I normal only support Animals in every and any form because of the abuse they suffer at the hands of human beings.. So Kushal story really touch a nerve if I responded, so I hope many more people help him.. I wish him the best for his future x

Mary Saunders 31st August 2015

Good luck George, and I'm glad that more than enough of us have pledged funds to support Kushal. He and the other Afghan translators deserve much better treatment from the UK. The way they have been treated is shameful. Perhaps you would consider using the surplus to help other Afghan translators in some way?

simoncharmer 28th August 2015

Good luck George and Kushal. It breaks my heart that people who have helped us are being treated as disposable. It's not right and very well done for organising this project. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Too often we have averted our eyes to the horrors that we have had a part in creating. All the best, may this story end well. xx Simone


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