Project Isabella Blow

Project Isabella Blow

To raise money to shoot & produce a Music /Fashion video, dedicated to the late great fashion editor & icon - Isabella Blow & her Foundation

We did it!

On 25th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £205 with 14 supporters in 28 days

Move over Remy and Nicki - introducing the Best Female MC and Rapper, Coco 7even

Why should Skepta and Stormzy have all the fun ...(because they've worked damn hard behind the scene's and had a suportive network thats why - So kudos to them!!!)

This project is a little different as I'm working to help raise awareness on mental health in the creative industry! The real reason why I penned this track, and  I'm reaching out for your support is that it's too easy to feel depressed, alone and isolated whilst on a journey to gift the world with your work! Isabella Blow sadly took her life 10 years ago due to depression and more recently Linkin Parks  - Chester Bennington. This can no longer go on unaddressed or remain a taboo,  we need to do more to support one another - hence, why I'm reaching out to you and hoping you'll assist me on my creative journey and support the message I want to encourage others to share!

This track is lit – and production and iconic video are merely a crowdfunding campaign away.  Thankfully, after grinding away in the background for many years, perfecting my craft – I am ready to take the spotlight and take my rightful crown.  Bey is on maternity leave, so it’s my best chance truthfully!

I’ve already secured some of the best producers, directors and dj's, who will help realise my creative vision – and help ensure, that this music is heard on the widest platform possible. I’ve been guaranteed a slot to premiere the video on SKY TV, have my VEVO channel ready and have been booked for an exclusive gig for a designer during London Fashion Week!! So……This is where YOU come into play!  I want peeps like you, to be part of this journey!!  The £7,750 I need is for remaining studio fees and video production costs.  Every artist needs a break and with recent events such as Grenfell Tower, I’m proud of how the community supports each other, especially as life is too short often!

Cheers in advance for the love and support x


CoCo 7even


About the Track:

Fashion and Music have always been linked – imagine a catwalk without a track for the models to strut along to!  As a rapper who loves and respects the art that a great fashion designer produces, the story of Isabella Blow and her contribution to the UK fashion scene, literally blew me away!  Tragically, like too many talented creatives, Mrs Blow is no longer with us – but has left a legacy with Alexander McQueen, milliner Philip Treacy and Stella Tennant to name a few, as well as a charitable foundation.

Like Isabella foresaw, financial support is vital for artist development and honing of our talents – which is why crowdfunding is such a god-send.  Blessings to you, and thank you for reading this page….and for those who contribute, big up! It truly means a lot.  

Should I be lucky to exceed the amount needed, then a donation will be made to the Isabella Blow Foundation, which works with the Samaritans to help creatives suffering from depression or mental health issues. I'll also be making a donation to the charity MIND! This is an issue personally close to my heart, when I felt like giving up before – I have fortunately been talked back from the brink.  My first love, music – like Mary J Blige, has been my therapy!

Spread the word by sharing this link – namaste peeps x

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