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To give young adults, abandoned by the education system, basic qualifications so they can reclaim their hope, dignity and build asperations.

by Stuart Rigby in Richmond, England, United Kingdom

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According to government statistics from 2016 – 2017, of the 27,000 16-year olds Identified as living in the North East of England, 3.2 % are classified as being NEET or ‘Not in Education or Training.’ This adds up to nearly 1000 16-year olds from this locale have been affectively abandoned to the scrapheap. Nationally it is 3.9 % or 27,000 of 16-year olds that have being classified as being NEET.

For 17-year olds the figures are even worse. Out of the 28,000 identified in this region their numbers almost double. 7.1 % of this age group have been identified as NEETS. This is a staggering 2000 or so more youngsters who have been abandoned.

The aim of the Gateway Project therefore, is to offer and deliver much needed qualifications in subjects such as Personal Social Development, Workskills and to compliment these, Functional skills in both Numeracy and Literacy to this most disadvantaged group of people.

Such qualifications must be issued through an awarding body. We have chosen to register with NOCN (Northern Open College Network) to act as our awarding body. They have given us much needed advice in starting the project.
Once we have enrolled our students we need to conduct online initial assessments for Math and English. The idea is to get detailed breakdowns of prior student knowledge and address identified student outcomes and so our new students can work towards earning qualifications.

Now we need to buy pens, paper, text books, PC's, Interactive Whiteboards so students can 'touch and feel' as they learn. We need to buy student laptops and Ipads and most of all we need to rent a few suitable rooms then give them a lick of paint to make them suitable learning zones.

Having a PGCE's; subject specialisms and degrees etc isn't always quite enough. As a team we must complete extra training. This could take the form of JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) and this will allow us to prepare students for a career in the transport sector. 

We must also compete Food Hygiene training so we can deliver basic living skills and / or a path into the hospitality industry.

As educators we also have a duty to keep updated with very important issues such as Safeguarding, the prevent strategy; health and safety, and much more. We have also had to pay for the video to be made!!!

We also want to deliver much needed advice and guidance, so these abandoned youngsters can successfully transition into more successful and fruitful members of our society by alternate means and hopefully this will mean we will be able to employ staff.
Some Extra information
The national scale for those abandoned is nearly double that of the 16-year olds. It is around 8% or 47,000 of 17-year olds. This is nothing more than a scandalous and shocking waste of the skills and talents of young people. At The Gateway Project, we want to do something about this.

Successive governments have all tried this and have all failed. A recent report highlighted in the Guardian told its readers of the despair and hopelessness:

“We’ve cut our counsellor’s hours despite suicide attempts’. Everything has been cut. We used to spend lots of money on speech therapy, especially in primary, but the number of hours has been cut. Our gangs worker has gone, our drugs worker has gone. These were important people in our area, where students need this support.”


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