Project Fairbreak

by Tim in Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

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Our aim is to restore houses in areas with high numbers of vacant property and act as an alternative to private landlords for care companies

by Tim in Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

Hi I'm Tim and welcome to Project Fairbreak.

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I founded this company after having my perspective rocked by the reality that faces so many homeless people in this country today and that reality is that as many as 9 out of 10 people who are identified as homeless do not have access to a safe place to stay. 

Bold Claims

  • If everyone in London were to give us one penny we could build a home for life for 5 people. Our stretch goal reflects the idea that the more money we can raise, the more people we can house, it's as simple as that.
  • In 3 years time we hope to be set up in multiple cities around the UK and be working with at least 5 registered charities and 5 sustainable brands who will be part of our support system.

A kick in the rear end

Between the ages of 21 and 25 I lived in Germany working as a performer and it wasn't until I returned to the UK that I discovered that one of my secondary school friends had been homeless for most of that time. To me that was unfathomable, not having a roof to sleep under, or a bed to sleep in, or even basic amenities.

I recently asked them what had kept them on the street for so long and they told me that it was not only the lack of rooms available but also a lack of support from professionals and the community. There was nothing to safeguard them against relapse or any other problem they may face. Many of our nation's homeless feel as though they are on their own.

This cannot be allowed to continue

So how does Project Fairbreak hope to change this?

The project will work with a 3 step system

1. Find and refurbish old houses and make them suitable for supported living

2. Partner with care professionals who can offer physical and mental support

3. Help with further support by aiding local charities

I have multiple years of property investment experience already and I have used my knowledge to identify houses in need of refurbishment and return them back into the rental market.

However, not long ago it was brought to my attention that there are many places around the UK that do not have even the basic structures in place to help people incorporate themselves back into society.

After reaching out into the community I discovered a way to partner with professional in-house carers who would have the full use of a private property if one was made available to increase the number of spaces available to the homeless.

Looking around the country it is also evident that we are in the middle of a housing shortage crisis. 

As many as half a million houses around the country are left vacant and uninhabited because there are few programmes that support refurbishment, only big developments.

In this way, new housing projects are popping up everywhere but the houses that are already here are being left to fall into disrepair. 

This has a profound effect on communities as this will drive down the house prices in the area forcing many people out of work and many to leave. This makes a massive dent in the local economy.

Leaving homes empty is a waste

We believe that we cannot afford to waste such properties. England needs over 300,000 additional homes each year.

Bringing empty homes into use helps neighbourhoods

There are neighbourhoods with clusters of empty homes.  Tackling empty homes in these areas should be part of wider neighbourhood initiatives that start from the perspective of the issues people face there.

Empty houses have a massive environmental effect too.

It makes environmental sense

Creating homes from empty properties saves substantial amounts of material compared to building new homes, minimises the amount of land used for development and avoids wasting embedded carbon; helping to combat climate change.

If you want to make a change, think GLOBALLY act LOCALLY

By supporting local charities in their efforts to reach out to the homeless in their communities we are helping to ensure that fewer people fall through the cracks in the support chain. We all like to think we are brave and many of us do not like to receive help or charity, but in this situation we are dedicated to making sure that the support of the community remains firmly behind these people who are dedicated to changing their fortunes.

If we fill in the cracks in the support, then it's far harder for anyone to fall through.

What will we be doing with the money we raise

As well as the business start-up costs we hope to be targeting homes right off the bat.

After obtaining our first property it will all be about momentum. 

Another thing that is important to us is to create jobs and hopefully after opening our first home we can start to employ more people to come and work with us.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

Start your own business and property journey

You will receive a code enabling you to sign up for a number of free classes courtesy of Progressive Property and Unlimited Success, the UK's leading property educator.

£100 or more

Access to exclusive webinars

You will have access to 4 quarterly webinars with special guest speakers including industry professionals and entrepreneurs. We will share project updates, the latest industry information and tips and also a live Q&A where you can engage with us and ask advice on anything you need or about how Project Fairbreak works with it's partners. PLUS Progressive education code

£500 or more

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Hands on 2 day experience

2 Days on site training. Day 1: you will be shown around our first project in a small group where you will be shown how we transform the space into a home for homeless support. Day 2: A sit down session where we can talk through the future of the project and answer any questions you may have in person. PLUS Access to the other two perks, webinars and the Progressive training code. *These days will take place in Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire

£1,000 or more

0 of 10 claimed

4 Days on site and in person training

2 Days on site training. Day 1+2: you will be shown around our first project in a small group where you will be shown how we transform the space into a home for homeless support, plus property viewings. Day 3: A sit down session where we can talk through the future of the project and answer any questions you may have in person. Day 4: A 1 on 1 session where you can have some individual time with the project founders. PLUS Access to perks 1+2

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