Project Fair price for car tyres

Project Fair price for car tyres

To start up a small local business to put a fair price on car tyres and brakes

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Fed up of paying a 50% mark up on car tyres from a garage?  Or paying excessive labour?

I am looking for funding to start up a small part time business venture to give back to people and stop garages charging over the odds for tyres, fitting and the excessive mark up they put on tyres.

To give you an example,  my car recently needed a tyre.  Its a 245/40/18  In my local town the cheapest I could get a mid range tyre for was £110 fully fitted.  I travelled to Peterborough where that price was lowered to £92 fitted.  Now Looking online I could buy 2x the same tyre for £103 delivered to my door.  So I looked in to getting these fitted at a local tyre fitter.  Noone in the local area would do this as the tyres were not purchased from them.

My idea is to open a fit onlt tyre shop.  You supply the tyres and bring them and the car to me.  I will then charge just for fitting them.  In the example above,  with myself charging £10 a wheel to fit, I could mof had 2 new tyres, fitted and balanced for £123.  So overall a cost saving of £61 over the cheapest price I was quoted.

The funding will go towards the purchse of a work area, tyre fitting machine and balancer.  My background was as a mechanic in the royal air force and after leaving spending 3 years working in a tyre garage.  My career has since taken me away from this and thus knowing the full extent of the mark ups on tyres.

I really hope people will donate and help me acheieve this as it would mean around my local area people will nolonger be ripped off by high prices charged by local garages.