Project Dignity

by Project Dignity in Spalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom


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To offer all in need the physical and mental calming and healing effect of Equine and animal therapy.

by Project Dignity in Spalding, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Please help us. For the last year we have been building up project dignity. Initially it was aimed at homeless veterans, but as we met more and more advisors we were made aware that due to the size of our land we had the scope to help many many others. Disabilities come in many forms and the sufferers sometimes have little to no contact with animals. It has been proven many times that equine therapy really does work. Charities such as Spirit & Soul Derbyshire and The Priory Group, both support animal and equine therapy. We have studied 

Mental health awareness level 2. 

Equine assisted psychotherapy now (certified)

Animal assisted diploma.

Equine psychotherapy

Life coaching diploma

Sensory processing diploma

Sensory processing diploma

Herbalism for children

Advanced Councillor and Psychotherapist

Our horses are retired rescued racehorses. Our horses have spent a year with us learning to be gentle around people and our main big boy 'Marshal' is our prize horse for Therapy sessions.


 We have goats and Angora Rabbits too. In the garden is a koi carp pond where you can sit in a tranquil environment and just enjoy nature. In the modern environment of post and possible future lock-down more and more people are going to, and are suffering from the stresses  of being locked inside. We are all different and we all react in different ways to stress. But in any circumstance being in the open countryside with gentle animals and lots of freedom we have the perfect environment for healing. We have professional therapists who will come to us and offer their services. We have ex-soldiers who can come and talk to the veterans on their level. as well as our resident veterans we have been asked to set up a socializing center for veterans who have returned home to their families but sometimes just need to get away for a few hours and chat with fellow veterans. This was requested by Tonic health in Spalding Lincs. The scope for help we can offer is immense.


But we have now been hit with a tragic blow. Our friend and landlord was killed in a car accident and the estate want to sell the land we have worked so hard on for six years. We have a very limited time to raise £70000 to purchase our 7 acres of land. We are devastated, our animals will be split up, all our hard work and training all for nothing. We desperately need to buy this land. and get Project Dignity up and running. PEOPLE NEED US! Can you help save project dignity we are on our knees begging. We are a not for profit organization. And some of us are veterans and members who have had a hard life. We know pain and suffering and so can emphasize with people suffering their own Demons. We know people and we know animals. We know how to help both, separately or together, either works.  

So we have the animals in place, we have the education and contacts to make this unique project work for all who need us. Can you all help us financially. This funding request comes from the heart,please help us. 




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Come and spend a day with our horses and animals. Enjoy a day out in the country just relaxing.

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