Project Bio-Arena

We want to create a game that strays away from the norm in which you don't need to kill the infected but cure them.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Project Bio-Arena is a 2D arena platformer where you are Hazmat Guy a man whose real name shall be hidden for his own safety from the infected horde, can they be smart enough to track him down? We don’t know but they seem to be doing that good enough already.

In terms of gameplay as stated above the 2D platformer will be arena based and you will fight the infected in a wave by wave setting where your skills are recorded by how many people you cure and how quickly, along with the amount of bonus powers’ you have used along with a cure chain.There will be various types of enemies within Bio-Arena, the main infantry force of the infected will be the common infected, Vomiter and Tank AKA “The Beast”.

This game will be set in many different locations throughout the world of planet Earth where, the infected have broken out and are wreaking havoc amongst the populace.The infection is highly contagious and is spreading at an exponential rate. Hazmat Guy who works for the Global Infection Centre (GIC) has been tasked with the job of eradicating the infected by curing them with the experimental Special Preventative luminescent Usable Retro Grade Eradicator or S.P.L.U.R.G.E for short.

To help him in his endeavours the GIC have authorized for airdrop supplies to be sent to his location for him to use anyway he sees fit in the form of Rapid fire, grenade S.P.L.U.R.G.E, Health Regeneration, Jet Pack, Slow motion and a drone which shoots out needles of the cure.

There are many more features within the game such as unlockable that the player can earn through gameplay and not through how it seems to be in the industry these days through in App purchases. We believe once you buy the license of a game then you should be able to experience what we had planned for the game from the start without the need to buy to progress further and to look different in cosmetic terms.The unlockables will be in the form of different skins for Hazmat Guy, weapon skins and enemy skins along with festive changes depending on the date in the year.