Project B&B

Project B&B

We want a better life for ourselves and our three children by taking on a lease of a 6 bed and breakfast in Ambleside in the Lake District.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our dream is to run a bed and breakfast and to invest in ourselves to achieve more and provide a better life for our family. Below us the link to the bed and breakfast that we have our hearts set on...

About us

Heather and Jason Overell are a hard working husband and wife who want to run their own business in order to build a better future for their family.

Jason started his career as a manager in Tesco Express stores – although still in his twenties he is earnest, diligent and serious about doing the best he can. His forte in Tesco was taking on failing stores to address procedural and staff issues to increase sales and profitability. Following a move from Luton to a village near Southport he now works as a lorry driver but despite earning more money than he did at Tesco he is not fulfilled in this role and would relish managing his own business and being completely in control of his destiny. Jason has extensive experience of managing the customer experience whilst ensuring profitability and he can bring these skills to the management of the Bed and Breakfast to ensure that his customers are delighted and recommend his business to family, friends and colleagues.

Heather has worked within the NHS in operating theatres since the age of 17 and now that she is 30 she too would like to partner her husband in taking fuller control of their family’s future. Working in operating theatres has shown Heather is adept at working under pressure, able to anticipate the needs of others and at the same time, be kind and compassionate with the ability to work with a wide range of people both colleagues and patients. Heather is also passionate about hand crafting quality items be it beautiful paper flowers or home baking, she’s creative and talented and wants to share this with her guests!

Heather and Jason are determined to create a better life for their family and they are armed with a host of complementary skills to be successful proprietors of a small bed and breakfast business. They will focus on providing a homely but professional and very personal service to ensure that their guests are all delighted with their ‘Overell experience’. Their aim is to achieve five stars ratings from all customer reviews.

Our visit to the bed and breakfast

We viewed the property on the 23rd April 2017 and decided to immerse ourselves completely into achieving our goal of running our own business. Should we be successful in funding this project we would initially lease the business for x years with the aim of purchasing it at the end of the lease period.

The potential running costs and profit

Lease purchase £225,000-250,000 negotiable.

Leasehold at £25,000 pa negotiable.

Presently running 2 rooms £110 p/night Friday/Saturday(Sunday on BH) only. £25,960 before out goings and excluding any additional charges e.g. BH and Christmas.

Potential to run 2 rooms 7 nights a week. £110 per night. £80,080 before out goings and excluding any additional charges e.g. BH and Christmas.

Potential to run 6 rooms Friday/Saturday(Sunday on BH) only. 2 rooms at £110 per night, 4 rooms at £95 per night. £68,140 before out goings and excluding any additional charges e.g. BH and Christmas.

Potential to run 6 rooms 7 nights per week. 2 rooms at £110, 4 rooms at £95 per night. £218,400 before out goings and excluding any additional charges e.g. BH and Christmas.

Weekends and BH 5 rooms- £57,595.

Our ideal option- 2 large all week (£110 per night), all 5 at weekends and BH (2 at £110 per night, 3 at £95 per night) £110,385.

7 days per week 5 rooms (2 at £110 per night, 3 at £95 per night)- £183,820

Additional charges for dogs £5 per night, per dog.

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Out goings
Companies used for products, laundry, accountants etc
Work out cost and profit
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All we need is someone to help us out with the £90,000 we need as a deposit for a business loan, or the £225,000 we need for the lease. This seems like a lot of money, but with the amount the business makes from just two rooms two nights a week, it is easily repayable.

Our plan is to run the two larger rooms (£110 per night) for 7 nights a week and three smaller rooms at weekends and bank holidays. This is far more than they currently operate, but as the rooms are already set up it is simple to operate more.

Plans for extra profit:
· Have a range of cosmetic products for use in guest rooms and make items from the same range available for guests to purchase
· Evening classes – crafting lessons run by Heather and Jason themselves or the large public room can be available to hire by others wishing to run classes
· Sale of hand crafted goods – Heather’s hand crafted flowers and other paper creations are a wonderful adornment to any room; she has supplied paper flower bouquets for several weddings and other occasions