Progressive Palaeontology Travel Grant Support

Progressive Palaeontology Travel Grant Support

Want to help a student to present their research at an international Palaeontological Conference!? Fund us!

We did it!

On 8th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £600 of £600 target with 18 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Money raised in the overfunding period will be passed on to the next organising committee of ProgPal, to ensure that students studying outside of the UK will also have a chance to attend in future years.

Progressive Palaeontology (ProgPal) is a students-for-students conference in the professional field of palaeontology. In 2016, we - that is the palaeontology student body of the University of Oxford - are proud to host ProgPal in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and the Department of Earth Sciences.

ProgPal has a vibrant history in the UK, with many professional academics having presented their first research there. In 2016, we are yet again looking forward to welcoming many thriving young students to present their research, ideas, and innovations for our field of study.

This year, and for only the second time in ProgPal's history, we want to offer travel grants for students studying outside of the UK. Palaeontology is ever increasingly a very international field, and ProgPal's last meeting in Bristol had a record number of foreign students attending this conference due to the availablility of travel grants, contributing to its overall success. We would like to foster and even increase this chance of international exchange at the student level, and hope to fundraise money toward travel grants with this crowdfunder.

Each individual travel grant will be a maximum of £200. If we were to exceed our funding goal, we would forward the extra money to next year's organising committee.

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