About Superhero Series

What is the Superhero Series?

Superhero Series is the UK’s only mass disability sports series for the Everyday Superhero! We have two epic annual events to choose from Superhero Tri in August and we also have a festive extravaganza, Winter Wonderwheels in December. 

Our mission is simple. To create fun, full-throttle mass-participation challenges where people with disabilities call the shots and don’t have to worry about cut-off times or equipment restrictions. For all our sporting challenges you can either fly solo or team up with family and friends to do as much or as little as you wish, with as much or as little support as you need. If you want flippers or floats in the water or need to use your powerchair, we make it possible. In fact, as far as we’re concerned anything goes!

For our summer event, Superhero Tri, we chose triathlon challenges because swimming, cycling and running are the three most popular disability sports. You can do the whole thing if you wish or choose to do just one or two stages as a relay with family and friends. Alternatively, Superheroes can be powered round the entire course by their chosen Sidekicks in our unique Sidekick Tri events. We also have a fantastically festive event every December, Winter Wonderwheels, where you can run, walk, cycle, push or be pushed around Dorney Lake to help keep you motivated through the colder months!

Superhero Series is hoping to raise £65,000 to support this truly inclusive sporting event. To bring a day like no other to all our Everyday Superheros to participate in sport whether you have a hidden or physical disability. The raised funds will, through our rewards, put more Everyday Superheros on the course that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. Helping specialist schools & organisations  with low financial resources, activate team places that otherwise wouldn't be available. So from donating towards the cost of a medal to becoming a Superhero Series partner we can, along with our current supporters, release the inner Superhero that's in us all.

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