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In 2015, while working at a hair salon, Joshua Coombes took to the streets with his scissors to build relationships and offer haircuts to men and women experiencing homelessness in London.

The stories of the people he met resonated and others began to get involved. #DoSomethingForNothing was born - a movement that encourages people to connect their skills and time to those who need them. 

This Winter, donations will be turned into small grants to help homeless people on the streets of the UK, giving them the support they need to stay on their feet.

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The Book

Do Something for Nothing explores themes of love, acceptance, shame, and perseverance while inviting us to see ourselves in one another and dissolve the negative stigmas surrounding homelessness.

100% of the profits will go towards future not-for-profit projects to help homeless people get off the streets.

Donate £50 and claim a reward of a signed copy of Do Something for Nothing.

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Do Something for Someone - The Book

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