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Mention Cornwall to someone who doesn’t live here and you’ll get the usual idyllic gamut –sun, sea, sand, surf, pasties, ice cream, family holidays, fish and chips, and Poldark.

However, the majority of those of us who live here are well aware of the other side of the Duchy.

This is the county of deprivation and poverty where more and more families are reliant on foodbanks, where the gig economy leads to households on low incomes and an increase in everything from child poverty to a lack of affordable housing.

This the real Cornwall of families living on a literal cliff edge with some of the worst poverty in Europe and the horrendous impact that has on mental health, homelessness and hope.

It was all brought into sharp relief in the recent Cornwall with Simon Reeve documentary which fed the nation a much-needed bite of Cornish reality.

It may seem idealistic but everyone in Cornwall (and Westminster) now needs to work together to help improve the lives of so many of those who are in need.

Transformation Cornwall is a faith-based organisation which is also tackling poverty and exclusion, while Cornwall Community Foundation has awarded more than £9 million to Cornish communities in need of projects to help improve lives.

And here at Crowdfunder we're working with Cornwall Council to channel thousands of pounds of extra funding into projects, making a real difference in communities around the county.

"I had to show the real Cornwall not Pornwall"

Was Simon Reeve aware of how harsh life can be in Cornwall before he made his BBC two-part series?

“I was shocked by the facts – it’s really quite clear that some parts of Cornwall are among the very poorest in northern Europe and there are parts of Cornwall that have an income per head that’s on a par with really struggling places in Eastern Europe.

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We've got extra funding for projects in Cornwall

Do you have a great idea for a project or initiative that needs funding? Cornwall Council is looking to support not-for-profit organisations working with local communities in Cornwall.

We want to inspire individuals, community groups, charities and businesses to grow local projects and enhance nature with extra funding.

You can find out more about how it works, and if you're project is eligible over in our funding section.

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There are two Cornwalls. The one we all love and that enriches our lives, and another that lies behind, where large numbers of people live on the edge of poverty, or in ill health, or in isolation.

Cornwall Community Foundation chief executive Tamas Haydu

Support the Build Back Better appeal

The Coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak has put immense pressure on the community groups supporting people most in need in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and enormous strain on people who were already vulnerable before it began.

Our research shows that, in addition to immediate crisis provision, many community groups are now looking to develop or reopen services for the future. It could, for example, be adapting facilities to meet social distancing requirements, moving to larger premises to meet increased demand or recruting new volunteers to provide extended services.

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Live and funding

Feed Cornwall - The CHAOS Collective

Enjoy our Christmas cover Feed Cornwall by The CHAOS Collective and help support those in Food Insecurity.

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St Petrocs COVID-19 Homeless Emergency Appeal

Please help us to remain open during the Covid-19 crisis. We have extended the appeal due to increasing numbers of people on the streets.

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Camborne Foodbank Appeal

Raising vital funds to allow Redruth, Pool & Camborne Foodbank to deal with the increased demand across Cornwall due to Covid19

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