Professional, Reliable, Honest Computer Support

Professional, Reliable, Honest Computer Support

To set up a low cost support service for anyone who needs help with their home computer, laptop, smartphone etc.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I've worked in IT for some 10 years now; I've covered it all from basic support to complex systems management and project management. I decided earlier this year I've had enough of the mundane office based day-to-day IT work, it just wasn't satisfying me any more.

Now I've decided to dedicate my time to providing low cost IT support to those home users who need it. It's come to my attention there is not really any local, reliable IT support company for home users. Of course there is PC World but no-one seems to be satisfied with them and apart from that the local stores seem to want you to bring your kit into them.

I want to be able to pop straight round to someone's house as soon as they've called up for help.

Help me to help the community, we all know someone who could use some help with their computer, whether it's basic tips on setting up and using it, or troubleshooting and fixing errors.