Professional Golf Tournament Funding Year 2018

Professional Golf Tournament Funding  Year 2018

Raise enough money to enter the Europro Golf Tour and European tour Qualifying school in 2018.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi, my name is Damien Woodward,

I am a 23 year old PGA teaching professional at Abbey Hill Golf Centre and playing Professional in the South Region. I have played golf since I was 7 years old, golf has always been in my blood. I turned professional in 2015 off scratch to achieve my PGA Qualification. I am 1 year away from gaining this certificate. My main dream is playing and always will be.

I have been Junior Club Captain at Abbey Hill Golf Centre in 2010, participating and leading my team to several victories in the Vale League Trophy. I have been Club Champion 4 times at Abbey Hill and at Aspley Guise and Woburn Sands Golf Club as an amateur. I also attended Golf Academy at Moulton College which lead to playing and representing the Northamtonshire County 1st team in 2011-13.  

My main focus for 2018 is to enter anything and everything from PGA South Region events into Euro pro events, and European Q school to get a card. I will always be motivated for this every year as I do what I love, competing on the golf course. 

Currently, I am managing to put 3-5 hours of productive practice a day 5 days a week on my game whilst also 40 hours a week at work teaching clients and working in the professional shop. This means that my days can be very long but I have the motivation to fight through the hours to compete into a higher level; leading to less hours in the shop and more on the course, if given the chance to play on the Euro proTour or European Tour.

I am setting up this page in order to raise money for financial support. The cost of joining these tours and paying to enter tournaments on top of accomodation and travelling expenses can be extremely expensive; costs which I cannot myself fund. My wages are low and do not cover the cost of higher level tournaments. 

I'm looking to raise £10,000 over 10 months which  would allow me to compete for a year on the Euro pro Tour and PGA South Region events. Thus, any financial support would be so greatly appreciated. I've managed to save £1,000 for 2018, which will hopefully be £2,500 in time to start the season of 2018. 

In return I would like to offer that any company who donates £1,000 to my golf career will have in return for 2018 :

  • Instagram, Facebook and Twitter promotions of your business / company in videos and pictures.
  • Headcovers, Tour Bag, Shirts and Jumpers with your companies logo and name. 
  • Europro is Sky sports televised, the company logo and name will be on clothing and equipment for this.

Thank you all for your time in reading my proposal and again, any donation however big or small would be so appreciated.