Pro-Girls Foundation

Pro-Girls Foundation

To Deliver Personal / Feminine hygiene education and products, and women empowerment programs to refugee girls and women in Northern Uganda.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is Salwa Suzy,  I am a South Sudan/Ugandan national living in Uganda and i am totally passionate about women empowerment. I really care about young girls and women who need help and support in terrible conditions. They need our help to give them the best opportunity to improve their overall living standards and reach their full potential.

To achieve my goals i have started a new operation in Uganda to help the girls and women who have had to leave their homes and possessions in a war torn South Sudan and forced to live in refugee camps after losing everything.  So i want to share this with you. Please read this story;

Consider this, a 15 year old girl in the United Kingdom wakes up and gets ready to go to her normal day at school. She has a shower, dresses in her school uniform and as she prepares to leave her home she reaches in to her drawers and pulls out a pack of tampons, places them in her bag and confidently goes off to school.

Compare that to the story of a 15 year old girl in a refugee camp in Uganda. On the same day this girl also has her periods, the difference is when this girl gets her monthly periods she doesnt have access to disposable pads and tampons. Instead this girl uses leaves, old newspapers and rags. It is hardly a solution,  but, it is all she can do. As if that is not terrible enough, she will skip up to 5 days off school or daily activities every month because she is too uncomfortable and scared that her home made pad, made of old newspapers,  or rags might leak or fall out through the day.

Embarrasment, pain and suffering. We can change this.

To give you more details of the crisis let me explain;

South Sudan: After achieving independence and becoming the newest country in the world saw huge changes. The internal struggles between different groups led to new wars and outbreaks of violence.  This led to many families fleeing from South Sudan in to neighbouring Uganda. 

Many of those who fled are young girls and women who have now been stripped of their dignity and lifes opportunities.

I have set up an organisation called the Pro-Girls Foundation based in Kampala, Uganda which will travel to these camps to help these women and young girls gain back some of their own self esteem and pride.

There is a need for an initiative that focusses on two main areas: -

1) Personal / Feminine hygiene education

2) Women empowerment

We are the organisation who can deliver the support they need,  but we need your help.

Lack of personal / feminine hygiene education and women empowerment has led to high levels of feminine infection, low self esteem, depression, idolism, also early marriages in the hope that their husbands will solve all their problems, early child births, poor family planning, social problems, and a real lack of education.  Refugee girls and women suffer these problems on a daily basis.

I believe that development takes place when women are empowered and thats why Pro-Girls Foundation will work hand in hand with the women in the refugee camps to improve and eliminate the above mentioned problems and give them a chance to settle and develop themselves. Some of these girls may never live outside a refugee camp again in their lives. We owe it to them to give them a chance. You can help me do that.

Pro-Girls Foundation is carrying out fundraising activities to support its main functions below;

1. The purchase and distribution of free pads and tampons to girls in refugee camps for personal use.

2. Basic education on personal / feminine hygiene and the correct useage and disposal of feminine products.

3. Women empowerment and development programmes which will involve training women and girls on how to make fashion clothes, soaps, candles and other items that they can manufacture,  market and sell .

4. Create awareness about personal and feminine hygiene and women empowerment in the refugee camps

5. Encourage their involvement in sports activities such as Netball, Football, and creative arts like Singing and Dancing.

6. Organising motivational speeches on topical themes aimed at educating girls and women about issues like early marriages and the adverse impact it can have on the future of their young girls.

7. Provide start-up kits to enable women start their own businesses for the respective trainings undertaken.

All of the above items and services will be delivered in to refugee camps in Koboko, Yumbe, Adjumani, Moyo and Arua Districts in Northern Uganda where it can make the biggest impact.

The primary methods for achieving the goals and objectives of the business will be:

  • Creation of a centre in Bidibidi refugee camp in Arua District, Northern Uganda that will become a focal point for providing information on Personal/Feminine Hygiene and Women Empowerment through class tutorials, workshops and counseling of girls and women.
  • The free supply and distribution of feminine products directly to the girls and women.
  • Developing a documentation and dissemination plan to guarantee the systematic collection of information about the operation of the project and provide the basis for sharing information with other similar projects and sponsors.

All funds raised will be used to

1)Purchase Feminine products such as tampons and pads for free distribution

2) Wax, wicks, essential oils, containers, funnels, glue guns and saucepans to start up the candle making training

3) Sewing machines and dress making materials to help them develop new business opportunities

4) Sport equipment and sports clothing which they can use during sports events

5) Renting of the offices and places to showcase their wares and to deliver training on singing and dancing, and other arts projects.

6) Delivering motivational and skills training workshops by professionals on how to prepare and present themselves for any possible work opportunities,  how they are empowered and give them the skills and knowledge to achieve the best they can be.

To do all of this we need your help and support of raising awareness of these issues,  and we also need your donations to allow us to deliver these programmes in to some of the most dangerous and difficult areas of the world where women and girls need your help.

Please donate to us today

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your donations for all of the young girls and women trapped in refugee camps from South Sudan in Uganda, Africa

Donations can be made through PayPal,  or if in Africa though phone donations to +256783411532. This mobile phone has been set up only for the donations and not for telephone calls.

You can also send donations to our bank account in Uganda using:

Name of Account Selwa Suzan Peter, Account number 02137990009, bank code AFRIUGKA

Once again thank you all for your support

Salwa Suzy

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