Pro-EU leaflets for marches/protests and website

Pro-EU leaflets for marches/protests and website

Support the printing and delivery of pro-EU leaflets during marches, protests and website. Information is critical after the referendum .

We did it!

On 21st Sep 2016 we successfully raised £480 of £300 target with 28 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Thank you very much to the amazing people who have pledged and helped us to meet the initial target of £300 in just 3 days! Leaftlets have been printed and are to be sent to the different march locations on 30th and 31st August in time for the marches on 3rd Sept.

For an extra £400, we can print more leaflets for the marches on 3rd Sept and for future marches. So keep on pledging! Accurate information is essential in informing everyone (leave or remain) and to help us keep UK in the EU. 

Pictures of leaflet


We are a group of regular working class people who were saddened and shocked by the result of the EU referendum. Talking to people since then, we have been surprised at the lack of information about the EU, the long and short term effects of Brexit and the role of politics before and after the referendum. 

Together, we have designed an apolitical information leaflet (without advertisements) for distribution at pro-EU marches all over the country and for use on a website. The next big pro-EU marches are on 3rd September in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Oxford.

Information is critical to our decision making as we face an uncertain future post the EU referendum result. Please support our efforts to do this by pledging your support. The money will be used to 

1. Print 1000 leaflets via VistaPrint 

2. Postage of the leaflets to various parts of the country for pro-EU marches

3. Set up a website with accurate , up to date information

The money will NOT be used for profit. No political party is affiliated with us. 

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