by Andrew Coventry in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom


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To increase the amount of publicly available Electric Vehicle Charging points.

by Andrew Coventry in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Leading the charge in electric vehicles

PRO-C1601384910_vans.pngHARGE SW are a Plymouth based enterprise that looks at better ways of making transport environmentally friendly.  

We are passionate about doing whatever we can for the environment, from beach cleans to building zero emissions car charging stations.

South West England is beautiful but far behind other regions in terms of infrastructure for electric transport! There are plans and funding in place to improve this but drivers in the SW are still reluctant to take the plunge and go electric, as there are few publicly accessible EV chargers.

Many don't have off road parking at home and therefore cant claim grant funding for home chargers. Business finances are too stretched by Covid-19 to invest in EV charging with no return.

So how can we fix this? 

What if there was a way of making use of community spaces to allow local residents to charge safely within walking distance of home or work? 1601387082_lampost.jpg                  Think of the churches and community centres that have a safe, lit car park that goes unused most of the time. Look at the many old dis-used telephone boxes and exchanges that could be re-purposed as EV charging points!

We could build a small network of locally operated chargers that are "pay-as-you-go" and return some of the income to the community, helping with the costs of maintenance in churches or social clubs. 

Our drive to make the SW a greener place, starts with helping the people that live and work here make the changes they already want to make!

We would like to rent a parking space and install a fast charger in your street.1601385863_carport.png

Depending on space, a solar car port that charges batteries directly from the sun  or a mobile charging station made up of re-purposed electric car batteries in a storage container, might be the answer if grid connections are not available.

Sales of Electric cars have quietly been catching and even overtaking petrol and diesel but the demand for charging must grow with it. 

We welcome your help and investment in any way, to realise our vision of a greener corner of our world! 


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Let's make 'PUBLIC CAR CHARGING' happen

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