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We want to build the best damn app for creatives to find jobs in the UK -without bias. Like tinder for jobs, but your profile is anonymised.

by Prizm App in London, England, United Kingdom

We need your help to get the party started:

The recruitment process is broken, with job seekers and job posters unhappy with the results. Creatives heavily rely on word of mouth and creative agencies to find their next projects/jobs, often falling prey to bias and paying 15-20% of their salary to a creative agency for the privilege. With 60% of young freelance creatives being women, it's clear that this is creating a glass ceiling and contributing to the gender wage gap. It's time to stop playing the game, and to change it entirely.

Our app will anonymise creative's portfolios and match them to companies' job/project listings, so creatives can select which ones to apply for on the go. Companies will love it, as we essentially find and match an interested person to their needs. There's nothing else like us out there.

Female-led and female empowered:

Prizm is the brainchild of #womenintech who are frustrated at the broken hiring process. We are part of Natwest's #backherbusiness campaign to support female founders and entrepreneurs wanting to kickstart their own side hustles. Join us, and be part of the wave of women creating their own disruptive businesses. 

Meet our Founder, Kimberley. In her spare time, she reads fantasy novels on her commute and soaks up every bit of useful (and useless) info she can.

A job app so you stop paying 15-20% of your salary to creative agencies:

With the Prizm app, you can be matched to a job without having to go through an agency and lose 15-20% of your salary to them. We match you to jobs, anonymising your portfolio and skill set, so companies pick the best talent for the job, not the person most like them. 

Step 1:

You can create a profile, link or upload your portfolio, and add your day rate. We will review your application, and if accepted, the app will match and notify you of a job whenever one comes up. 

Step 2:

Swipe through the filtered jobs to select which ones you might want to apply for. If a company has also swiped right on you, then you're a match! You will get their contact details. 

A job app that finds the creatives for you:

At Prizm we match creative talent to UK tech companies' projects and part-time or full-time roles. We can help you find the talent you need for your next ad campaign, website, branding, etc. There's no need to pay an agency 15-20% to contact the few talent they have on their books. We match you to talent directly, broadening your reach. Get access to our exclusive network of some of the best creative talent in the UK to see what they can do for you.

Step 1:

Build a profile explaining your culture, mission, and brand recognition so creative talent know why they should work with you. 

Step 2:

List your job and budget, so that our app can filter through the creative talent for you. 

Step 3: 

Swipe through the creative talent that fit your criteria and have already expressed interest by swiping right on your company. When you are matched, your contact details will show to the creative.

Our goal: £1,000 to build a prototype for seed investors

What this will get us:

  • A clickable prototype that looks and feels real 
  • Ready for testing with creatives (we already have some users lined up!)
  • Helps raise money for seed investors 

Our stretch goal: £2,500 to get companies and creatives on board

What this will get us:

  • Marketing to get companies and creatives to partner with us for prototype development

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