Private treatment for my health

Private treatment for my health

ANY funds raised here will help me get the private treatment I need to help me get back to my full health

We did it!

On 16th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £50 with 3 supporters in 42 days

I have been back and forth to hospital in London for ongoing tests and consultations.

I started being ill in March 2017 with problems in the testicular region (which there were fears I had testicular cancer at the age of 11). I have a condition called microcalcifications. It can spread but it isn’t cancerous however uncertainty for my future again. 

I got diagnosed with Gastroparesis back in June 2017 in which means i cannot Digest my food properly as my gut hasn’t stopped functioning meaning I have had rapid weight loss and can’t enjoy my food as much a I i used too.

I have got a problem with my small intestine which is to be resolved yet and more recently I have been told I have nerve damage all over my body including the testicular region. 

I had a huge hemmorid blood clot removed recently in an operation at Finsbury Park London after bleeding excessively from my back passage in which consultants agreed something is going on underlying that is quite serious that hasn’t been picked up yet.

I am generally unwell and hospitals waits are taking forever, espescially with the treatment I need and immediate treatment I should have for this underlying problem. I have recently been diagnosed with depression after being in constant pain and not really much help has been given on this. I need to have private counselling which is being set up by a good friend of mine.

However if you could donate even if it was a small amount to go towards private treatment I would be entirely grateful, and  would help me deal and relive my life once again. 

I can not afford private treatment due to not working my self full enough hours to be in my favourite field I live with my mum who’s a single parent who battles constantly to pay bills. She got made redundant 2 years ago so she isn’t doing local cleaning jobs to help the hours to help her pay the bills but even if we did put money in together me and mum Would still struggle paying privately.

I got advised by local community Facebook group by many that I should go for private treatment for a quicker and more efficient service. I agree this is the only wisest way possible to go forward as i just can’t afford to wait any longer with me feeling the way I am getting in a worse state  each day. 

Thank you for reading and your generosity.

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