Private lender for 20% interest on loan

by In need of a private lender in Slough, England, United Kingdom

Private lender for 20% interest on loan
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I need to pay off debts that i have foolishly accrued in the past and that are now catching up with me

by In need of a private lender in Slough, England, United Kingdom

I am a 34 year old woman, i work full time and am finally realising what a mess i have previously made of my credit history. I need someone to lend me £30,000 over 3 years, for this i am willing to pay 20% so in total the return for the loan will pay £6,000 above the money lent. In the past I was not so financially savvy and therefore took on debt without thinking about the consequences, having now matured and got myself a good job I am looking to sort out my issues of debt from the past and would like to consolidate all my debts into one loan and one time frame. At present I am paying quite a lot of money towards these debts every month and it is making it difficult for me to actually reduce the amount owed as interest is accruing higher than what I pay each month. Therefore, I am asking for anyone who would like to earn a good interest on their savings, happy to sign a legal agreement for the borrowing and to provide proof of income, ID etc etc to secure the loan. 

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