Going private for a second opinion

by Tony holliman in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

Going private for a second opinion
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I want you is to raise money to go to a private hospital for a second opinion. Also to get married before it's to late, it's our kids dream

by Tony holliman in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

We are trying to raise money for a second opinion at the private hospital as in the past we have been let down multiples of times by the RVI Newcastle, my partner had a stroke at 25-year-old and wasn't believed due to her age, she has also had three more Strokes since that time, She has had 2 stillborn babies 1 at 26 weeks and 1 at 27 weeks after having a stroke during giving birth she could not attend the funeral, so as well as dealing with her health conditions we also had to greave the death our babies, she is now epileptic due to the damage on her brain and her health is getting worse, she has a short lifespan and she would like to get married so we could be a proper family but she would like to be able to go down the aisle and remember the wedding before her health worsens, my daughter is speaking to her school nurse on a weekly basis to help with her emotional needs my son is going to Barnardo's to grieve the mother he used to have and to try and get used to his new mother. my partner's blood disorder is so rare that there is not enough research done on it, we are not getting enough answers so we really need a second opinion and some answers, olso my partner's ambition is for us to get married and has been since we got together, but due to ill-health it has always had to get put on hold and now I am a her full-time carer I am out of work and cannot raise funds to give her her dream that she well deserves, after all she's been through she is a great mother and she deserves a good thing to happen to her as nothing good has happened in the past 12 year he said her life would have been worthwhile and all of her goals would have been hit, we are really struggling on a daily basis as she is living at her mother's house and has been there for 9 months now since being released from hospital, The Separation issues or killing us as our home is not safe for her to stay in, we are sillwaiting to be rehoused,  the goal is to raise money to get a second opinion on her health issues and to try and raise money to create her dream of getting married and all her family around her as it may be the last memory she has that she will remember, this was my teenage son's idea and my partner does not know about it so we would love to surprise her, she has really bad depression and this would help as she has nothing to look forward to in the future please support us if you can thank you very much, we never asked for help but this time we feel like we need to it has took a lot for me to write this but it's not about me it's about my partner and chuldren, we just need a happy memory

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