Printer Perfect

Printer Perfect

Raising money to be able to purchase a wide format printer.

We did it!

On 19th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £652 of £600 target with 32 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

This is my stretch target, I've raised it to £1000 as if I can get close to that I can do a charitable donation (alongside the auctioning of the piece I'll be doing with all backer's names on it) or look into getting a larger printer. I also need to consider I may have to find a different printer to the one I was after as the prices appear to have varied since I started this crowdfunder sadly. I have a week and a half to reach that target with everyone's help.

If I raise some way towards the target I'll also be able to recoup the fees and costs for postage of rewards etc so either way it will all be going to a good cause. 

Raising money to be able to purchase a wide format printer.

By purchasing this printer it will allow me to produce bigger stencils to make my artwork and to do my own prints to a professional standard.

Check out the rewards for supporting me, if you contribute feel free to contact me on my page for choice of print or specification of commission, my page is

I shall be creating a large canvas with the name of everyone who has contributed and I shall then auction this for a charitable cause.

Thanks for your help!

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