UK-made PPE for the NHS

by Xkelet NO PROFIT in Twickenham, England, United Kingdom


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The NHS is on the frontline of a battle for which they are insufficiently equipped. Let's give them the tools to fight for us and be safe

by Xkelet NO PROFIT in Twickenham, England, United Kingdom

To protect themselves during the global COVID-19 pandemic, frontline NHS workers are consuming 45-60 million single-use masks every month. 

The huge ongoing financial cost to the NHS is one challenge, but we should also consider how environmentally damaging it is to dispose of these vast quantities of medical waste.

And more worryingly, a worldwide shortage means that disposable masks are simply not available in the quantities needed to protect keyworkers that are risking their lives for us and our loved ones.  

Our goal is to solve the equipment shortage problem by providing reusable face masks, rather than raising funds to purchase more disposable equipment.

To that end, we have applied our expertise in medical devices to develop a sustainable solution. We have designed a reusable, medically-approved face mask which is easy to manufacture here in the UK. We are making the intellectual property to produce these masks available to this initiative free of charge. 

The face masks and their components are medically certified so that they can be used safely to protect our NHS and keyworkers; however, to supply the NHS with these sustainable face masks free of charge we need your support.  

Thanks to our partnership with Photocentric Ltd., UK's #1 3D resin printer manufacturer, we can rapidly establish a production centre here in the UK to produce the face masks.  This brings the supply much closer to the hospitals, reducing the time lag, as well as the pollution generated in delivering the much needed PPE. 

Xkelet &  Photocentric will be operating the equipment in the UK to produce the masks and will donate the energy consumption to the project.  The materials required to produce the masks are readily available and sourced in the UK.  This is a UK project, using UK sourced materials to get the reusable masks quickly and efficiently to our frontline workers.

As a country we are currently spending millions of pounds to overseas suppliers to meet the nation’s growing need for face masks.  With your help this initiative will stem the flow of funds overseas, it will reduce waste and pollution in producing, transporting and then disposing of the single-use masks and it solves the problem of the lack of equipment as these masks are reuseable.  It’s a solution to the problem, not a short term fix by purchasing more of the same disposable masks.

All donations are welcome: a fiver or a tenner will help to save lives


Please give generously to protect the NHS.


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