Print and distribute charity prints.

Print and distribute charity prints.

To pay for the printing and distribution for donators who responded to my projecting concerning The Calm charity.

We did it!

On 8th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £80 with 5 supporters in 28 days

I spent 1 year hand drawing an intricate artwork on a large scale A0 with a 0.05 fine liner pen as an ode to a passed friend.

On finishing the piece, there was interest and a series of events happened in my life that left me hungry to help in areas where I witnessed neglect.  My way of helping is through drawing. So I decided to gift my drawing to a cause of greater value. 

I didn’t want to profit from this piece, but wanted to help areas I felt helpless in. I started a JustGiving page with the drawing and invited friends to donate to the Calm Charity. I promised no matter the size of donation, the donator will receive a print in return.  So far this site has raised £1300. My target was £2000 so I still have time.

In my haste and ideology at the time I was affluent enough to put the £300 out of my own money into the distribution costs.  However, 3 months later, a dry patch in freelance work and I’m looking at that figure with a winced sideways glance.

So I am here, asking you if you can put some money towards printing and you shall also receive a print, but this time your money does not go to Calm, it goes to the printers and helps make the process smoother and less taxing my end.

Please visit the  justgiving site for further details x 

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