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Prime Board
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PrimeBoard aims to combined skate boarding, snowboarding and the future of off road electronics.

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PrimeBoard is not just another off road skate board, it uses some of the latest electric advancements on the market today. Allowing you to glide seamlessly across almost any terrain with no need for a hill. Using a high powered electric motor and a intelligent system that uses sensors to recognise your foot placement and weight distribution to give you control over the board. 

PrimeBoard aims to create a board that has the feel of a snowboard with a crossover of surfing. Our drive for creating a product like this derives from our love of all things extreme and a background in surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and snowboarding.

As well as wanting to bring something unique and diverse to the UK market we also wanted to make it more easily accessible to the public. Rather than cutting corners with quality we looked at the most efficient way to import our product to the UK to reduce our costs and there for the price of the board itself. 

In order to get the effect of floating on soft powder or surfing a clean face, PrimeBoards uses a central 15cm tubeless tyre that is raised in the middle and chamfer on two sides making gliding from rail to rail seamless and easy.  

Our electric motor is a massive 500w Powered by a Samsung lithium cell battery to provide speeds up to 15MPH making climbing up hills no problem.     

The frame of PrimeBoard is made up from aluminium alloy not only making the board weigh less but also giving the board more strength. 

We have the designs that has been tested and tried. Now we need your help to raise money to bring in our first shipment of PrimeBoards to the UK.  


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Get a PrimeBoard sent to anywhere in the UK.

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