Pride and Prejudice Launch and Marketing

Pride and Prejudice Launch and Marketing

Help tackle the gender pay gap: support Prejudice and Pride showcase women working in non-traditional areas as role models for young women.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Last year the median pay gap between men and women in Devon was £10,000. Part of the cause of the pay gap is the huge number of young women and girls who chose three areas of employment which are traditionally low-paid and offer little opportunity for progression (childcare, hairdressing and beauty, and health and social care).

Prejudice and Pride offers some alternative careers advice by showcasing women in non-traditional roles. Young women and girls have chosen the questions they would like to ask the women and are helping shape the design of the website. Currently we are a Facebook page and feature a Chief Constable, a painter and decorator, an earth observation scientist, a civic funeral celebrant, a psychiatrist...and many more to come! We raised funding through the first ever Devonport SOUP to move from the Facebook page to a Website which will be launched in the first week of March. Now we need funding to pay for a launch event and l, most importantly, marketing advice and support to get the website out to young women and girls across the country.

Your support could really help with tackling the gender pay gap.