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Documentary Film project about the people of the Bosnian village of Kevljani, their fight for justice and search for those still missing from 1992. In 1992 this quiet rural backwater was engulfed in a wave of violence unleashed by the Serb nationalist forces. If they survived the initial attack and destruction of their homes, many of the villagers were still to die or suffer terrible violence in the concentration camps that were set up nearby. Many people remain missing, their bodies unclaimed. In this small corner of North West Bosnia over 1000 persons remain unaccounted for. Kevljani is a microcosm of the conflict. For nearly ten years Kevljani was a ghost village. Survivors, many of whom endured months of torture and detention in Serb-run concentration camps, were not allowed to return till early 2000. A few have decided to come back, but on their return they face the daily trauma of how to survive and live amongst the people those who at best stood by and watched as their loved ones were killed or at worst actively participated in the violence perpetrated against them. The survivors face a mammoth struggle to create a memorial on the site of the biggest massacres conducted at The Omarska Iron Ore Mine, now owned by Arcelor Mittal, the sponsors of The London Orbit. The company, in collusion with Serb run local authorities continue to deny survivors the right to create a memorial to the victims of the war. The film asks what draws these people back to this place of suffering and how do they deal with life in the midst of their tormentors. It aims to raise awareness of these issues and why reconciliation remains a distant dream. It also looks to the future and asks what can be done to heal the wounds of this terrible conflict. The film will be used for educational purposes and copies of the film will be sent to schools, government agencies and international policy makers in an attempt to spark a public dialogue about these issues. Your donation, no matter how small, will fund our effort which aims to kick start a constructive dialogue between the two communities, addressing the issues raised above, and helping the process of community healing that will eventually lead to both groups building a better, shared future in the region.

by kevljani in Cardiff

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