Pretty little stays

Pretty little stays

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Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi I'm Micky.
Me, My partner (Kelly) and friends (David & Stacy) are passionate about the area of outstanding beauty we live in, Northumberland is one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

It's fair to say we are kind of obsessed with dog friendly quirky accommodation. After touring around Northumberland we noticed that there is no quirky elopement wedding venues. Not everyone wants that huge stressful wedding. , I'd say this is the way forward with weddings.

We have a huge passion and belief in Pretty little stays, so much so We are investing our own savings to bring this project to life. But it's not enough to get the position we need to build and launch. We need pledges of support from crowdfunders who believe this idea could really make a difference, and help me bring Pretty little stays to life.

 Imagine Airbnb for a wedding/stay over venue and you'll start to get the idea. follows Pretty little stays providing an uber cool venue designed for those intimate weddings with only him and her, or few others who want that stress free wedding, with couples searching for hidden gem venues that can be personalized for their celebrations. Not only will this venue be used elopements it will also be used for general overnight stays to enjoy the fantastic cost and country Northumberland as to offer. The main focus accommodation will be quirky glamping structures. Log cabins, concrete tubes, yurts spaces that will really rock!!