Prestige Health Clubs

Prestige Health Clubs

Funds will go towards opening health clubs which will focus on people's physical and mental health with the growing mental health issues.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Funds will go towards opening Health Clubs which will focus on people's physical and mental health with the growing mental health issues in the UK and a lack of funding I feel it is hugely important to support this cause and start a new generation of Health Clubs. The value of the private health and fitness club market is forecast to surpass £3 billion in 2018, up from an estimated £2.9 billion in 2016. The private health and fitness club market has an estimated growth of 20% by 2020 to reach 6.5 million users from 2016 5.4 million. These figures are an incredible rate of growth, I believe this is the perfect oppertunity to invest in the health of our Nation.

The first Health Club will be opened in the rural county of Lincolnshire. Last year it was one of the highest counties in the UK for prescription of anti-depressants. 

The Club will operate with full gym equipment cardiovascular, free weights and classes open to all. The focus of the brand will be our people, with your help we can provide a facility that not only benefit people physically but mentally to. 

I plan to hold weekly meetings and support groups for people who suffer from illnesses such as depression. This will give the community a way to come together to fight what is becoming a big issue providing support for one another. 

I feel the bottom and middle end of  the health and leisure sector is missing a huge oppertunity to invest time in their customers and the services they provide a problem that my brand with rectify.

The correlation between physical health and the advantages it can have on mental health are totally unarguable, the support I aim to provide my customers will only solidify these points further. 

We are thinking big and bold. This is a truly grassroots movement and we can only do this with your help so please continue to donate and share this Crowdfunder far and wide.

Thank you for your support and taking your time to read my page.