Preserving the past and social history

Preserving the past and social history

To increase exposure of the facebook page via advertising and marketing and to fund the purchase of Telecine machine and equipment

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello my name is Fabian I live in a town called Felixstowe and I have a fascination with lost memories that are uncared for

I am looking for supporters to help me in my quest to preserve the past and our social History.I have spent years collecting vintage  slides,cine film,undeveloped reels of photographs from local carboot sales,auctions saved from skips etc

I regurlarly go to carboots and auctions and purchase slides and cine films whenever I see them.And a few times have saved them from skips

I have recently started to digitise these and upload them onto a public facebook group called "the past revisited" -

I think it a terrible tragedy that many of these had not been seen for decades and I think they should be enjoyed by all.I  Believe social History to be important.

I am looking for funding to enable me to pay for facebook marketing for my group to increase its exposure with a long term goal to be able to afford Professional grade telecine machines for 16mm and 8mm cine film.I have many old cine films to be transferred but I cannot currently afford to pay a professional to do so as the average cost is £30 per film so I would like to be able to purchase my own telecine machines so that I can transfer any cine films I save now and in the future.

The photo is of a slide entitled "subsistence farmers" which was shot in 1973 in Jamaica .This slide was one of a set that I recently digitised.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this