Preserve the British Red Phone Box

Red Kiosk Company restores and renovates the UK's iconic red phone boxes - now we need your help to preserve five local landmarks!

We did it!

On 30th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £30 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Red phone boxes are one of the most famous icons of British life. There are still over 9,000 of them spread across the UK, however the number of calls made from payphones has fallen dramatically over the last five years leading many to fall into disuse.

At Red Kiosk Company, we've worked to preserve 140 red phone boxes since 2014, and we're planning to oversee the refurbishment of 300 more within the next three years. We've achieved this by working with BT to convert them into 'micro-retail' outlets, selling things like coffee, ice cream and souvenirs.

But not all can be protected this way. For various reasons, many phone booths can't get permissions for retail use. Nevertheless, Red Kiosk Company are committed to preserving every single phone box we can - and that's where you come in.

We've picked out five local landmarks in cities around the UK - in Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Liverpool and London. If we meet our target, we'll manage a full refurbishment programme, restoring each of these phone boxes to their former glory, and will guarantee their maintenance and upkeep for the next five years.

Donate £25 or more, and you'll receive a personalised panel on the phone box that you've helped to preserve. If you're donating on behalf of a local business or community group, contribute £1200 or more to personalise a full-length panel on one side of the phone box, and get the keys to use the space for community events and projects.

Donate here if you'd like to contribute to our nationwide campaign, or if you'd there's a particular phone box you'd like to help preserve, visit one of our city crowdfunding pages below:

  • Click here to visit the page for Dyke Road, Brighton
  • Click here to visit the page for Quayside, Cambridge
  • Click here to visit the page for High Street, Edinburgh
  • Click here to visit the page for Lime Street, Liverpool
  • Click here to visit the page for Cutty Sark, London

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