Present from a Stranger 2019

by Katarina Prior in United Kingdom

Present from a Stranger 2019
We did it
On 30th November 2018 we successfully raised £135 with 4 supporters in 28 days

To give strangers a Christmas smile!

by Katarina Prior in United Kingdom

New stretch target

For every £5 another stranger will receive a card! Simple!

What is Present from a Stranger?

Just before Christmas, hand made Christmas cards are handed out to strangers on the street with money in them - a present from a stranger.

Previous card handed out -


Why am I crowdfunding?

This will be the 5th year I have handed our cards with money in to strangers on the street, each year I have been changing the amount of money I put in the cards. This year it would be great to give out at least 20 cards, each with £5 each in.

I will be giving them out in two different places in Cumbria in the middle of December.

What happens once the money is raised?

Christmas cards will be created by members of Prism Arts Studio Arts, an arts programme for adults with learning disabilities, by members of Myriad Studio.
The money will be attached in the cards and a message written inside, something like -

"Dear Stranger,
As you can see, I have attached money to this card. This is yours, a present from us to you for you to use any way you wish.
This is in the hope that it will make you smile.
We hope you enjoy your present from a stranger and enjoy the festive period!
All the very best"

Why am I doing this?

To make strangers smile!
Imagine how you would feel if someone handed you a card on the street with a present of money in it, for you to use however you like?

Everybody has their own battles, concerns and problems to overcome, whether you know it or not.
Everybody can benefit from genuine kindness from a stranger.
These cards have meant different things to different people, they have made peoples days, they have given people the opportunity to help a charity close their hearts and they have reminded people that their is kindness in the world and have inspired them to be kind themselves.

Below are some of the responses I have already had from the cards.

"Hi I was handed a lovely Christmas card in Workington town centre today. I would just like to say Thank you, I have been having a bad couple of days at work and his really brightened up my day and made me smile. Thank you again and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas x"

"It made me smile with a tear in my eye thank u so much u beautiful stranger I will be able to get a little bit of for over Xmas so thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxxx"

"Happy New Year, A year ago you stood in Penrith handing out Christmas Cards and gave one to me which made me smile. It may have felt like a little token of spreading Christmas cheer, an act of kindness or simply a way of satisfying your own curiosity but your one pound coin has turned into so much more for me. Here's the story...
A year ago my long term partner and best friend left me. He is a good man, just didn't love me anymore. It wasn't an easy decision for him but broke my heart all the same. So when I say your card made me smile you may now see that smiles were in short supply at the time.
I thought long and hard about how to spend your one pound and it has sat on my mantlepiece all this time. In a move round this Christmas I found your card (which had been misplaced) and again it made me smile. Without meaning to your one pound coin has become a little reminder that there is kindness in the world, it reminds me everyday to be a good person and not to let life's ups and downs make me bitter. It's my little coin of sunshine and hope.
For that reason your pound coin will never get spent it will stay with me until someone I care about needs it more than me at which point I will pass it on with your card and a story.
Thank you for your gift, I love it and have probably needed it over the past year.
I'm sorry it's taken a year to let you know what happened to it but I guess it has taken me a year to work it out!
May your 2016 sparkle for you!
Big hugs"

"Hi, just to let you know I donated the £1 to the victims of the Cumbria flooding - I thought it fitting to support a good local cause,

"Hi, thank you very much for the card only just opened it as I left it on the side didn't expect it to be the nice card it was. A lovely gesture bet not many people opened it cos people don't seem to care these days. have a lovely Christmas Katarina" 

"Thank you for the fifty pence present in the beautiful card. It was handed to me by my boss the manager of a Mind shop, she said "I think this should be for you". I am a volunteer who lives on benefits and was sent to work at Mind by the Jobcentre. I bought a pincushion from the Mind shop as my present, it is pretty, red velvet and satin with sequins. I need a pincushion because I spend a lot of time making dollies clothes for my grandchildren. The fifty pence will go toward Mind projects in Eden such as "The Befriending project" organising volunteers to help people with mental health problems, also to pay for information leaflets we keep in the shop about different mental health issues. So the answer to your question "Did it make me smile?" Yes, and there’s a good chance it will help many others smile in the future.
Merry Christmas, Happy New year." 

Thank you for considering helping this project, please get in touch if you would like more information or would like to get involved.

All the very best,

Katarina Prior

Further Information about me.

Hi, I am a multidisciplinary artist who creates installations and watercolour paintings. My work mainly focuses social issues I am passionate about with the hope of inspiring change.
I am inspired by people, by their thoughts, stories and the things they choose to keep. I take a lot of pleasure in encouraging others to create as I enjoy watching the creative process and discovering people’s personalities and stories through their art.

More information can be found on my website -


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

One stranger

Your £5 will go straight into a card and will be handed to a stranger! Thank you!

£20 or more

Four Strangers

Your £20 will be used to create 4 cards for 4 strangers! Thank you!

£50 or more

10 strangers and opportunity to hand cards out

Your £50 will be used to fill 10 cards with £5. You will also be asked to join me to hand them all out in Cumbria with me on a mutually convenient day.

£100 or more

20 Strangers and opportunity to hand cards out

Your £100 will be used to fill 20 cards with £5. You will also be asked to join me to hand them all out in Cumbria with me on a mutually convenient day.

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