Preparing for new arrival

by Chloe Meacock in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Preparing for new arrival
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Prepare for new arrival

by Chloe Meacock in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

I'm a young mum to a 5 year old daughter , 1 year old son and have a daughter on the way. 

I'm not entitled to child benefit for my new arrival, nor am I entitled to a maternity grant to help fund for her.  

The pregnancy came as a real shock as I was on the coil which is 99.8% reliable as a contraception. I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was quite far into the pregnancy. It was more of a shock to find twins! Unfortunately one twin didn't survive as he/she formed outside the womb, also known as ectopic. I was hospitalised for 2 weeks for being really ill and unwell. Eventually reunited with my children. 

I've been to local charity shops, organisers and local councils for help etc. But all are refusing to help, I don't have any close family / relatives to rely on as I was isolated for having my children in my early 20's. 

I really don't know who to turn to or were else to go for help. I know there are some lovely people here in this world &a I just want to give my children what I can. 

I can't afford a crib/pram/clothes or even bottles as my income is low enough. I have been refused work as I'm pregnant and no employer would take me on. 

I just hope I can give my children what they need :(

Thankyou for reading xxx 

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