PreeMe iOS App

PreeMe iOS App

Pree-Me is a one of a kind (Free) Social Media Entertainment app allowing Talented people to showcase and compete with their talents.

We did it!

On 23rd Jun 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Seeker Industry Ltd presents:


A social media entertainment app. Pree-Me provides a platform for people to display their multiple talents, such as acting; singing; dancing; rap; poetry and comedy… all of the top performances will be featured on Pree-Me. This App will allow you to preform your talent with a 20 second clip, which will be showcased globally to other Pree-Me users. However it doesn’t stop there, the app gets even better. As you display your talents you will have the choice to perform it to a range of subjects, which will be held inside something we like to call “The Subject Wheel”, and from the wheel you will receive your theme/subject of the day.

Now if you think the app is sounding good so far, wait for it (#Ifyouknowyouknow).....the app consists of a leader board, in which you are able to prove you are the best at performing in your field of talent, and to try and be number 1 in your respected local area, city and country. Now if you’re tired of being stuck in a dog race competition, why not take a leap and go head to head on our Pree Challenge section, by challenging other users into having a face-off with you to see who the Pree-Me community votes to be the best.

The app doesn't stop there. The app will contain trending categories, where you can see the most trending videos all over the world; duet sections where users can do collaborations and find your Pree-Me match; in-app purchases and much more......

In the app you will be able to see emotion through comments - haters, lovers/fans/supporters, Chosen favourites, you name it.

'Be seen, Be heard, Be the best'


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